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Do I Really Need to Have My Dryer Ducts Cleaned?

Dryer ducts can be easily forgotten in a home with multiple machines and appliances. However, that doesn’t mean they’re any less important. Clogged dryer ducts can decrease the efficiency of your machine, leading to various other problems. With that in mind, it’s important to have your vents taken care of properly by a dryer duct cleaning service on a regular basis. If you’re still thinking “My ducts are fine, they don’t need to be cleaned,” then check out these benefits a professional dryer duct cleaning service can offer.

  1. Increase the life of your clothing – When your dryer vents are clogged, it creates more heat which in turn can cause damage to your clothing. When the fibers of fabric are exposed to more heat, they tend to break apart. Furthermore, dryers that are clogged typically take a longer time to fully dry the clothing. By using a dryer duct cleaning service, you will be ensuring your dryer vent is in proper working condition.
  2. Decrease amount of energy used – Clean ducts and vents throughout your house will decrease the amount of energy your home uses. When the vent in your dryer is clogged, the dryer will have to run longer and try harder to completely dry the clothes inside. Unfortunately, this leads to an increase in energy use. This can be hard to catch, and can be happening without you even noticing sometimes. That’s why it’s so important to invest in cleaning your dryer vent.
  3. Decrease risk of fire – The leading cause of residential clothing dryer fires, with 34%, is failure to ensure they’re properly cleaned. The most common source of ignition is dryer lint. While it is important to remove any excess lint each time you do laundry, that won’t always solve the problem. Lint can get trapped in the vent line, possibly causing a fire when the machine is running inefficiently.
  4. Decrease amount of allergens – The growth of allergens in a home can not only potentially cause damages to the machine, but to the health of the family as well. A dryer duct cleaning service will ensure your machine completely eliminates moisture and disposes of lint. Clogged vents will not only impact your machine, but your air quality as well.

As you can see, clogged vents can cause immense issues throughout your home. Hopefully you now understand the importance of investing in a professional dryer duct cleaning.