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Oklahoma City Air Duct Cleaning Services

You can’t go wrong with Duct Squads for Oklahoma City air duct cleaning services. Our duct cleaning company provides professional industrial, commercial, and residential duct cleaning services you can trust. We’re one of just a few companies in the area with a dryer vent cleaning service, and we’re the only Oklahoma City air duct cleaning and repair service that exclusively uses the renowned Rotobrush duct cleaning system.

Quality & Experience

Our staff will inspect all your ductwork and let you know if there’s a problem with your air quality, so you can make the right decision on air duct cleaning and repair services in OKC.

Fast & Convenient

We will set up an Oklahoma duct cleaning appointment quickly, and have our technicians go to the job site ASAP. Customer convenience is our highest priority.

(405) 607-0799

Safety & Security

Our staff always puts your family’s safety and security as their top priority.


Air Ducts Cleaned


Dryer Vents Cleaned


Ducts Repaired


Buildings Insulated

Tips & Tricks

Learn how to keep your homes or businesses safe and clean

Get Your Quote or Call: (405) 607-0799

We specialize in both residential and commercial.