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5 Reasons Why Your Air Ducts Are Making Noise

5 Reasons Why Your Air Ducts Are Making Noise

We have all encountered the sounds of home systems—they are part and parcel of normal operations. However, when we start hearing strange noises, such as the clanging of air ducts or the hissing of a furnace, it is a cause for concern. Read up on the top reasons why your ducts are making noise.

1. Openings and Loose Fittings

Your home’s air ducts transport temperature-controlled air throughout your home, and the noise they make is that of openings or loose fittings where two ducts meet, allowing air to escape and creating a high-pitched squeal. If you hear this sound, inspect your air ducts for visible gaps or loose connections.

2. Blocked Air Vents

Obstructions in air vents can be a huge issue. When air cannot flow freely due to a blocked vent, it increases pressure in the surrounding areas, causing the ducts to vibrate or make noise as air tries to push past the barrier. Ensure all your vents are clear from obstructions like furniture, drapes, or other items that might impede the movement of air.

3. Duct Material and Design

Believe it or not, the ducts themselves can be noisy due to what they are made of. Ducts made with sheet metal are quite good at conducting sound. Similarly, poor duct design, sharp turns, and narrow paths can cause noisy turbulence. If the noise comes from duct material or design, the solutions may not be as straightforward as with other issues.

4. High-Velocity Air Systems

Some houses have high-velocity air systems within the HVAC system, which can create more noise than traditional systems. While this is an inherent feature of the system, unusually loud noises could indicate problems. Regular maintenance is key for controlling noise. Keeping the system clean and replacing filters can reduce noise by eliminating dirt or debris. If the noise persists, hire a professional vent cleaning company to get your home’s ductwork in shipshape.

5. Pressure Imbalance and Return-Air Issues

Your HVAC system depends on air pressure to function efficiently and quietly. If the return-air registers are blocked or the system has an imbalance in supply and return air, it can lead to various noises, including rumbling and whooshing sounds. Ensure all return-air grilles are unobstructed by objects and debris. If you have made any structural changes to your home, you might need to re-evaluate the number and placement of return-air vents.

Restore Peace and Quiet at Home

Your air ducts could be making noise for many reasons. Understanding why and dealing with it quickly will keep them in good condition for a long time. If you are uncomfortable or uncertain about any of these steps, HVAC professionals are always ready to restore peace and quiet in your home.