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Mold in Your Air Ducts: What Homeowners Should Know

Your ductwork is probably something you don’t think about very often. But maintaining clean ducts is important for continuing to have an efficient heating and cooling system. In fact, for maximum HVAC efficiency, air ducts should be cleaned every three to five years. Along with keeping efficiency levels up, regular ductwork cleaning is important for […]

5 Common Contaminants Found in Air Ducts

When it comes time to clean your house, air duct and vent cleaning is something you probably don’t think about. But cleaning the ductwork in your home is one of the most important things you can do as a homeowner. A clean and functioning HVAC and ductwork system is crucial for clean, comfortable air in […]

When Is it Time to Have Your Dryer Vent Cleaned?

When you’re doing laundry, you probably just throw your clothes into the dryer without thinking twice about the dryer itself. This is why dryer vents are one of the most neglected areas in a house. But without proper maintenance and cleaning, dryer vents can actually cause a lot of damage to your home. Not only […]

Why Should Your Ducts Be Cleaned Before Winter?

Getting your home ready for winter involves a lot of work. You need to do important tasks like getting out the snow blower, cleaning the chimney, and have your furnace inspected. But one important task homeowners often forget about is getting their ductwork cleaned. Clean ducts are crucial, especially in the winter. So let’s explore […]

Why Should You Let a Professional Handle Duct Cleaning and Maintenance?

There are plenty of reasons homeowners should have their ducts cleaned. In fact, having ducts cleaned every three to five years can allow for maximum cooling and heating efficiency. But many homeowners make the mistake of thinking they can handle duct cleaning themselves. With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few reasons […]

3 Ways To Know If Your Home Air Quality If Bad

Every day 60% of Americans are exposed to pet dander and 80% are exposed to dust mites. Poor air quality can cause health problems, particularly for people with asthma and allergies. Many people don’t realize that HVAC cleaning services can do more than just improve your home’s efficiencies. Clean ducts and fresh air filters can […]

The Definite Dos and Don’ts of Air Ducts

Air ducts are an essential yet unseen part of your home and when you get your air ducts cleaned it can make a difference in yours and your family’s health. A home’s Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is largely determined by the quality of your home’s HVAC system, which includes the air ducts, filters, grills, and […]

Can Proper Insulation Help Reduce Cooling Costs?

Are you aware of how much money you could be wasting on cooling costs due to poor insulation in your home? Summertime often means cranking the air conditioning in an attempt to stay cool when you’re indoors. But without the proper insulation, your cooled air could be escaping your home, causing your energy bills to […]

Why Is Dryer Vent Cleaning So Important?

When it comes to cleaning your home, one area that probably slips most homeowners’ minds is the dryer vents. Dryers are important if we want to have dry, clean laundry — but if we neglect the dryer vents, there could be serious problems, including health hazards. The U.S. Fire Administration data shows that each year, […]

3 Types of Dusting to Include In Your Spring Cleaning Routine

Spring is in full bloom, and many homeowners are well underway with their spring cleaning routines. While most people include dusting in this routine, there are just as many who don’t understand the different types of dusting, as well as how they’re necessary and how they affect your health. But knowing the truth about the […]