Common Pests Found in House HVAC Air Ducts

Common Pests Found in House HVAC Air Ducts

Have you ever wondered which pests are commonly found in HVAC air ducts? Do you need a solution to eliminate an infestation? Read on to learn about potential HVAC intruders and the best ways to thwart them.


It’s believed that anywhere between 3-15% of the world’s population suffers from arachnophobia, with countless others lamenting the presence of this pest. Unfortunately, spiders use air ducts to enter your home quite often. They won’t cause any damage, but your home can suffer from an infestation without quick action.


No one likes a mouse in the house—especially squirming through the HVAC system. Mice and rats alike are extremely flexible and capable of slipping through the tiniest entrances. Once entered, rodents will set up shop inside your air ducts and cause havoc on your HVAC as a whole. The debris used for building their nests can clog up vents and filters, and they often chew through important wires and components.


Like rodents, cockroaches can fit through any opening they please—unlike other pests on this list, they bring along some friends. More precisely, cockroach infestations typically mean there are 30-50 intruders crawling throughout your HVAC system! Since these critters prefer dark, cool areas, hiding inside your air ducts makes the perfect home. Aside from their unpleasantness, cockroaches can carry diseases that are harmful to humans.

How To Stop Pests

Now that we’ve thoroughly terrified you by revealing the pests possibly infesting your HVAC systems right now, let’s ease your mind by offering up some solutions to these problems. First and foremost, do regular exterminations throughout the entire home, including doors, windows, cabinets, and every other nook and cranny, eliminating pests from the entire house better protects your vents and ducts. However, if you do have a bug issue, consider turning to the pros for an inspection and air duct cleaning. A cleaning can also fix other problems, like poor performance and dirty filters.

Recognizing the common pests found in HVAC air ducts is just the first step in fixing the problem. Keeping your HVAC system clean and well-maintained is the second. We at Duct Squads are here to help with all of your air vent and duct concerns.