Common Problems With Cold-Weather Ventilation

Common Problems With Cold-Weather Ventilation

Luckily, spring is on the horizon, and we can look forward to warm weather and sunny days. However, we are still in the winter months, and our HVAC systems are vulnerable to the elements. Nearly all seasons affect ventilation in various ways, but frigid temperatures are potentially the most hazardous. If you are looking to ensure the devices in your home remain maintained and care for the well-being of yourself and your family, you should learn three common problems with cold-weather ventilation.

Performance Issues

Extremely hot and cold weather can negatively affect your home’s ventilation. More specifically, adverse conditions can hinder the performance of your HVAC systems and air ducts. The physical presence of snow or ice around or on your HVAC system makes ventilation more complicated. In turn, your devices must work twice as hard for half the results!

When the weather drops to freezing temperatures, it becomes harder to circulate hot air throughout the home. Plus, debris from snowfall can clog up your filters, which further decreases the performance output of your ventilation components.

Temperature Regulation

Proper ventilation ensures comfortable temperatures throughout the home no matter the season. However, cold weather may damage your HVAC components, making this task far more complex. And trust us, there is nothing worse than losing valuable heat in the dead of winter.

When debris from snowfall interferes with heat-pump coils, the HVAC compressor device can overheat. This event can cause a total system failure. Avoid this issue in the long term by installing quality parts with professional care and replacing filters every three months.

Foundational Damage

This problem is actually due to problematic ventilation systems, but it could end up the most costly byproduct of cold-weather damage. Excessive positive pressure puts a strain on your foundation. Mainly, it pushes important structures and introduces moisture into your walls and roofs.

The condensation from this moisture can quickly eat away at the structural integrity of your home. Ensure your device is not leaking by doing simple wall tests near your vents and HVAC system.

Oklahoma City is a beautiful place to live in and raise a family. However, the unique weather patterns for this area have specific effects on your home systems. If your house suffers from a poorly performing HVAC system, you should call Duct Squads. Our professional air duct repair services can remedy all the common problems with cold-weather ventilation.