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Contagions Lurking in Your Home

Contaminants and Air Pollutions

Dirty air ducts inside your home can mean contaminated air in your living space. This can also indicate that the air pollution within the walls of your home could possibly be greater than the levels outside. Because the majority of the population spends most of their time indoors, they could be experiencing a variety of health issues due to unclean air ducts. Conditions such as sinus problems, allergies, asthma, and respiratory infections can be caused by the dirt and debris being blown into your living space each cycle of the air conditioner or heater.

Depending on what city and state you live in will determine how often air duct cleaning will be required. For example, the air duct cleaning Oklahoma City is required to do is usually for their air ducts to be cleaned twice a year. This is because of the city being in “Tornado Alley” and dust, dirt and debris being blown into the homes and ducts frequently due to high winds. The air duct cleaning Oklahoma City will have to perform are air duct repairs after the damage caused by each tornado they have each season.

Living in the south also promotes for another issue to arise on top of the air duct cleaning Oklahoma City recommends, flooding. There’s not a lot of rain that pours down on the southern part of the country, but after a long hot summer without any rainfall to keep the ground soft, forces the water to stay above the soil with no absorption. When this takes place, water restoration services are required for your home because the damage that most affects the family is the tainted materials lying hidden from sight. Air ducts are the first to collect moisture in their hollow space which will turn into bacterial spores that will blow into your home and into your lungs.

Just like the air duct cleaning Oklahoma City provides, and the water damage restoration, in the northern states cleaning floor vents and insulating attic roof spaces are vital. The majority of the homes in the northern hemisphere are pier and beam style; meaning there is no solid foundation but contains a basement. This particular framework creates a different problem altogether; winterizing. Because the air ducts are exposed, unlike those in the south, they are more easily contaminated and require attic insulation and floor vent services each seasonal change.

The proper insulation throughout the home can not only aide in sustaining a balanced environment inside, but can also lower costs with the heating and cooling bills. Twenty-five percent of a homes heat loss accounts for a poorly insulated attic space. Making sure you have the proper understanding of the different types of attic insulation for the terrain your living in is essential for your health and cost of living. Maintaining perfect harmony inside the four walls of your home from the outside world won’t be as effective if your home is not accurately protected.

One lurking contaminant most individuals never ponder about are the dryer vents. People believe that once they have cleaned the visible screen after every dry cycle, there are no other concerns to fret over. Well, that’s false because the unseen hose blowing the access air from the dryer to the exposed atmosphere builds up with lent from the outside elements blowing into the exposed open area. Unlike the air duct cleaning Oklahoma City provides with protective screens over the exposed vent, most of the public forget about its existence. Without professional dryer vent cleaning, this will place your home at a higher risk for fires that are hidden until too late.

Air ducts are the primary air cooling and heating mechanics to assisting you with perfect symmetry of the internal environment you create for your home. Like the air duct cleaning Oklahoma City is required to maintain, be cautious, have them checked each season and/or annually for objects, bacterial growth, and air pollutions that can invade your domain. Love your home, protect your family and friends, provide peace of mind year-round with air duct and vent cleaning.