Dos and Don’ts of Maintaining Air Ducts in Oklahoma

Dos and Don’ts of Maintaining Air Ducts in Oklahoma

Thanks to the long dry seasons and intense, icy winters of the Sooner State, HVAC systems in Oklahoma face many issues throughout the year. These systems work overtime constantly to combat inclement weather. And often, systems falter without you knowing. Keeping your vents and ducts operating requires attention to detail, as the wrong move can cause havoc on your house. To avoid HVAC disasters, you should go over these dos and don’ts of maintaining air ducts in Oklahoma.

Do Investigate Often

Considering the constant dryness of the weather, you need to check on your HVAC system often. There are many simple tests you can do to ensure the integrity of your vents and air ducts. Many of them don’t require an expert.

To start, feel for cold zones on the drywall adjacent to your system. If they’re present, chances are you have a leak. You can also test for reverse flow by leaving windows open and seeing if air blows in or out. If air mainly comes from the outside, that means your system isn’t working efficiently. Lastly, pay attention to your monthly bills, as unusually high ones indicate problems.

Don’t Leave Filters Unchanged

You should replace HVAC filters every three months to avoid dirty air from ducts and high monthly expenses. Systems quickly become clogged with dust, dirt, and sand in Oklahoma, leaving you with an underperforming device.

These micro materials pile up, intrude the air, and even cause total system failures. Make a habit of quarterly filter changes to ensure optimal cooling and heating results.

Do Get Expert Help When Needed

It’s okay to admit when your air ducts require an expert’s touch and knowledge. In fact, making the wrong move on your own can cause even more damage to a system than before, meaning a higher bill for you.

If the problem is too much to handle, never hesitate to seek help from a reputable business. We at Duct Squads are here to provide professional duct repair that keeps your HVAC system running at peak performance.

Don’t Overclean With Chemicals or Spray

Many homeowners feel the need to clean their ducts and vents religiously, but over-maintenance is actually quite harmful to your HVAC system. In truth, your system only needs a deep cleaning every three to five years unless there’s a more consistent issue afflicting it.

Too much attention will slow down the efficiency of your airflow. Additionally, chemical cleaning agents are never a good idea when tidying up your system. Those toxins will end up released into the air and endanger the well-being of you and your family.

Practice these dos and don’ts of maintaining air ducts in Oklahoma to have the highest performing, least expensive HVAC system in your home. If you need a helping hand, seek out Duct Squad’s expert care for the best results.