How to Prevent a Dryer Fire from Happening

How to Prevent a Dryer Fire from Happening

If you would rather not hang your laundry on a clothesline in the backyard, then you probably rely on a dryer. This machine gets your clothes nice and dry after you wash them, but you might be surprised to learn that your dryer can catch fire if you do not properly maintain it. Here is how to prevent a dryer fire from happening in your home.

Install It the Right Way

When you get a new dryer, you should carefully follow the instructions for installation or have a professional do it for you. This will prevent dangerous problems down the line. One major detail to take note of is that the vent pipe should have minimal bending, as this provides less crevices where lint can collect. It is also better to have a shorter vent pipe for the same reason. If you must use a longer pipe, install a dryer vent fan to help the air flow smoothly.

Do Not Let Lint Collect

Whenever you are about to use your dryer, take a moment to clean the lint filter. Lint and dust are the main substances at risk of catching fire in a dryer, since the filter is located so close to its internal mechanisms. The dryer heats up as it operates, and the lint can ignite. The simple act of removing that lint and replacing the clean filter will lower this possibility.

Have the Vent Cleaned

Finally, you should have your dryer vent professionally cleaned periodically. Even with correct installation, your vent pipe may still become blocked over time. When this happens, the hot air that needs to be expelled can get stuck and increase the chances of a fire starting. If you notice that air is not coming out of the vent when the dryer is turned on, you should have it inspected before anything serious occurs.

If you notice worrying symptoms of a blocked vent and need dryer vent cleaning, call Duct Squads today. We focus on dryer and duct cleaning specifically and use the highly effective Rotobrush cleaning system to get your dryer vent tube back in pristine condition.