Reasons Why Your Air Ducts Smell

Reasons Why Your Air Ducts Smell

Under normal circumstances, you air ducts should not give off odors when you activate your HVAC system. As such, if you notice a distinct stench wafting from them, this can be a sign of some sort of internal issue. Since your ducts are closed off from view, though, identifying the root of the problem can be difficult. Below, you can learn about some common reasons why your air ducts smell so that you can have a better idea about what may be wrong.

Mold or Mildew Is Growing Inside

Air ducts are dark and sometimes moist, which makes them perfect environments for mold and mildew to grow. Once these organisms have developed, they can cause a musty odor to arise and spread throughout your home. You don’t want to leave them alone, as mold and mildew give off small particles that can aggravate your allergies. Finding their location is usually a matter of following the smell to where it’s strongest and cleaning out that area. Call a professional and have them remove the mold or mildew safely so that no one breathes it in.

There’s a Gas Leak

Your ducts may also give off an unpleasant scent if your gas line is leaking. The rotten egg smell of natural gas might normally be localized to the site of the leak, but turning on your HVAC system can carry it around to other rooms. Breathing in too much of this is hazardous, so you should quickly shut off your gas and open your home’s windows to let in fresh air. Then, contact an HVAC company to properly deal with the situation. To avoid any mishaps, we recommend that you stay outside the house until the problem is resolved.

There’s a Mechanical Problem

A mechanical problem can also be a possible reason for why your air ducts smell odd. In this case, you’ll get a whiff of something burning. Mechanical problems can occur due to various components failing. However, they often originate in a blockage of dust in your air filters. Saturated filters block air flow, and this causes the heater in your home to overheat and produce that distinct smell. Shut off your heater when you detect a burning smell, and check the filters. Change them if needed, but if they’re fine, you’ll need an expert to give a more thorough examination to the mechanical components associated with your ductwork.

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