The Effects of Dirty Vents on Furnace Energy

The Effects of Dirty Vents on Furnace Energy

The furnace is what gives you the ability to heat your home during the colder seasons. Fueled by electricity or gas, it generates heat and then disperses it all around your house via the ductwork and vents that connect to the various rooms there. When left alone for a long time, those vents can become covered with dust and dirt from the air that moves through them. This can, in turn, hurt your furnace. Discover the effects of dirty vents on furnace energy here.

The Furnace Must Work Harder

Because there is so much detritus gathered on dirty vents, they can become blocked up, preventing air from passing as readily as it should. Consequently, the furnace must use up more energy in order to compensate. Since the furnace is working harder, it will use up more electricity and gas, increasing your energy bill even though you are not heating your home any warmer than before. This also results in the furnace’s life expectancy drastically decreasing. The extra work it must output can strain it to the point that it continually needs professional repairs before finally ceasing to function altogether.

The Heat Exchanger Overheats

The heat exchanger is a component in gas furnaces that is made up of several coils or tubes that wind back and forth. It is the connecting component between the combustion chamber, where gas is ignited to generate heat, and the blower, which sends heated air out to the home’s rooms. The furnace passes breathable, gas-free air over the heat exchanger to warm it up before distributing it. When the HVAC vents in your house are dirty and backed up, the heat that the furnace is creating has nowhere to go. Then, the heat exchanger is in danger of overheating. If it does become exceedingly hot, it can shut down, thereby halting the heating you need.

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