Top Causes of a Leaking Dryer Vent

Top Causes of a Leaking Dryer Vent

Dryers remove moisture from your recently washed clothes and transfer it outside. Since dryers work with water, they may develop leaks that can then cause water damage in or on your home. You may be able to catch leaks as soon as they start and prevent future occurrences by being perceptive about the top causes of a leaking dryer vent. We’ll go over them in this post.

Condensation on the Pipe

There’s a certain amount of water in the air, which manifests as humidity. When there’s a large temperature difference between an object and the air around it, this water vapor condenses into a liquid form on the surface of that object. Condensation may occur on a dryer vent since it expels the hot air it uses to dry your clothes. The vent pipe then begins to drip water, which you want to avoid. You can alleviate this problem with proper insulation along the length of the pipe.

Broken Vent Flapper

The vent opening on the outside of your home that connects to the dryer is where the hot air from the machine is let out. The flapper is the cover that goes on top of this opening to protect it. When the air from your dryer is expelled, the flapper opens. However, a broken flapper may become stuck in an open position, allowing rain and snow to enter the vent. With all the excess water that gathers, the vent pipe can develop openings and begin to leak. Duct Squads offers exceptional duct repair services, be sure to contact our skilled team for more information.

Dust and Lint Obstruction

An unclean vent may become backed up with lint, dust, and debris, which limits the passage of air and water vapor through the pipe. Since it cannot properly disperse into the air, the moisture condenses in the dryer pipe and eventually leads to visible leakage. You must clear out the vent so that it functions without any interference to reverse this effect. Doing so may be difficult without the right experience or tools, however, so call a vent cleaning service in your area if you need help.

Get in touch with Duct Squads if you’re looking for dryer vent cleaning in OKC. With our knowledge of the top causes of a leaking dryer vent and our skills in returning it to a fully serviceable state, you’ll be rid of your leaks in no time.