Top Reasons to Have a Professional Clean Your Dryer Vents

Top Reasons to Have a Professional Clean Your Dryer Vents

Your dryer is probably one of the most routinely used appliances in your home. Without it, your laundry would be left soaked, and you’d need to lay out all your clothes to dry. However, many people disregard their dryers when it comes to maintenance. You may think that dryer upkeep isn’t necessary, but these top reasons to have a professional clean your dryer vents may show you the difference it can make.

Better Efficiency

When dirt and dust fill dryer vents, air understandably has a much more difficult time passing through the vents. A dryer should ideally be able to move hot, moist air out and away from the clothes. Without a clear vent, that air and water vapor cannot escape as readily, meaning its contents stay wet for longer. This can be an inconvenience when you need to finish up laundry quickly. It also has the added drawback of using more electricity, since the machine must stay active for a longer amount of time.

Less Repairs

If your dryer is operating less efficiently, it must work longer and harder to complete its task. Consequently, you may face more issues and even substantial breakdowns. You’ll then have no choice but to spend time and money having someone repair it. In the meantime, your dryer may be out of order. You can prevent it from reaching this point by periodically having it cleaned by experts who will make sure it’s functioning at full capacity.

Reduced Fire Risk

You might not know it, but lint is highly flammable. As it gathers in your vent, the heat from the dyer can set it ablaze. From there, the fire can spread to the rest of your home before you realize it, leading to dangerous circumstances that put your safety at risk. Additionally, a house fire can cause significant property damage that you’ll have to take care of afterwards. Don’t give such an easily avoided fire the chance to start—have your dryer vents cleaned.

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