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What You Should Know About Commercial HVAC Odors

What You Should Know About Commercial HVAC Odors

If you are experiencing strange smells emanating from your commercial HVAC system, you could have an underlying issue that needs attention. Various factors, including the accumulation of dust, mold growth, and the release of gas or oil vapors, can cause these odors. Here is what you should know about commercial HVAC odors.

Moldy Odor

Moldy odors can be some of the peskiest smells that come from commercial HVAC systems. Mold spores are naturally present in the air. When they accumulate in an environment with high humidity or dampness, such as a commercial HVAC system, they can rapidly grow and create musty mold odors. To prevent mold growth within your HVAC unit, you need to keep moisture low by controlling indoor humidity levels through proper ventilation. You should also regularly inspect your ducts for signs of water damage or leaks, as these may lead to increased moisture accumulation.

Rotten Odor

If you notice an odor from your HVAC system that resembles rotten eggs, you have an issue on your hands. This particular smell often signals a natural gas leak, which is incredibly dangerous. Therefore, if you notice this odor, it is essential to open the windows and doors of your facility and evacuate the home. You must contact your gas company and an HVAC technician as soon as possible to remedy the problem.

Oil Odor

Another common smell commercial HVAC systems experience is an oil odor. Oil buildup on components, such as ducts, fans, or filters, often causes these. The gas vapors can then release into the air. To prevent this from becoming a problem within your HVAC unit, you need to regularly inspect all components for any signs of oil residue or contamination. It is essential to change all filters when needed as well because dirty filters can trap oil particles, which contribute to an increase in odor production.

Gas Odor

Gasoline odors are also a common smell in commercial HVAC systems. Similar to oil odors, these come from a buildup of gasoline vapors in ducts, fans, or filters, which can release gas fumes into the air. If you want to prevent these odors in your HVAC unit, regularly check components for signs of gasoline. You will want to ensure all filters are changed regularly, as dirty filters can trap gasoline particles, increasing odor production.

Burning Odor

You may also occasionally notice a burning smell. These odors come from dust, dirt, or other debris heating up due to prolonged contact with electrical components, such as wires, fans, and motors. To avoid these smells, you should perform regular maintenance and cleaning on your HVAC system.

Now that you have read about what you should know about commercial HVAC odors, you can prevent and troubleshoot these issues. Contact Duct Squads for OKC duct system cleaning to keep your commercial system in good condition.