Why Dryer Vent Cleaning Is Necessary

Why Dryer Vent Cleaning Is Necessary

In the process of cleaning your clothes, a dryer carries out the final step of removing excess moisture from them. Despite only coming into contact with clean garments, the dryer does need some cleaning of its own from time to time, particularly in its air vent. This is broadly because lint can build up inside that section of the machine. In this blog post, we explain why dryer vent cleaning is necessary for you.

It Improves Dryer Efficiency

The lint inside the vent may start to block the hot, moist air that the dryer needs to expel outside your home. When this happens, your dryer may need to work longer than it used to in order to completely finish its job. Consequently, you will be forced to utilize more electricity. You’ll see the effect of this as an increase in your monthly utility bill. Cleaning your dryer ducts will bring your dryer back to 100 percent efficiency.

It Maintains the Dryer’s Condition

Putting your dryer through extra strain as it attempts to function with a backed-up vent can also be harmful to it. With nowhere to exit, the excess heat it generates can damage its internal electrical components. Since you must run it longer, some of its mechanical pieces may wear out more quickly than normal as well. An example of this is the bearing, which supports the spinning drum of the dryer. Having professionals clean your dryer ducts is, therefore, essential for dryer maintenance.

It Mitigates the Fire Hazard

Lint itself is highly flammable and its collection in the dryer creates a reason for why dryer vent cleaning is necessary. The more lint sits in the vent, the more probable it is that it may ignite as the lint is exposed to the hot air that the dryer gives off. To add to this, the dryer is also going to become hotter since its vent is congested by the lint. A fire may start seemingly out of nowhere due to these conditions. Clearing out the lint will promote airflow and take away the primary flammable substance in the dryer so that there is much less of a fire hazard associated with it. This is a huge reason why dryer vent cleaning is important.

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