How Air Duct Cleaning Services Work

How Air Duct Cleaning Services Work

You might already know why air duct cleaning is important, as it gets rid of dust and other small particles that worsen the air quality inside your home. However, have you ever been curious as to what the actual process looks like? In this blog post, we’ll lay out how air duct cleaning services work, from the time a company begins looking at your HVAC spaces to the moment that experts complete the job.

Duct Examination

In the initial phase, the air duct professionals you called will examine your ductwork visually to get a better idea of the extent of work you need. They will take off the vent registers to look inside the ducts and will also clean the registers themselves. Besides peering into your ducts, the air vent cleaning service may also check for signs of damages that they may need to address, such as leaks. They’ll likely be able to fix up these areas so your HVAC system can run efficiently and won’t be prone to developing mold.

Dust Brushing and Removal

Now, the cleaning portion of how air duct cleaning services work can begin. There is more than one way to approach this, but utilizing a vacuum is the main and most effective technique that modern companies will use. The air duct cleaning professionals will insert a vacuum tube into your vents, which will suck up the particles and debris contained inside. Since a good portion of these particles may be stuck to the sides of your ducts, though, a vacuum alone is not enough. The cleaning technicians must also use brushes to loosen the debris so the vacuum can remove them.

Duct Squads meets these needs with Rotobrush technology, in which moving brush components protrude from the end of the vacuum tube to simultaneously free them from surfaces and pull them out of your ducts. The Rotobrush vacuum is also equipped with HEPA filters that catch 99.97% of particles that are three-millionths of a meter or larger.

Once finished with dust removal, the air duct cleaning professionals will send a special fog or gas disinfectant into the ductwork to kill off any remaining microbes.

If your home’s air ducts appear dirty, call Duct Squads today for thorough and proficient air duct cleaning in OKC.